A Scam currently operating on accommodation search web pages.
Be aware that there are some people placing adverts on web pages, examples have been seen on many web sites including popular sites like Gumtree and Craigslist. These adverts are designed to take your money while you are looking for accommodation.

The scam works by the landlord claiming that they live overseas, before they agree to make the journey to show you the house and exchange contracts they ask you to transfer money to a friend or relative normally using a money transferring service, examples include Money Gram and Western Union. They then ask that you send them a copy of the receipt to prove you have enough funds to rent the property before they make travel arrangements.

If you send them the details on the receipt they can impersonate your friend/relative and collect the money before the transfer is complete. In most cases the property they are advertising is already occupied, it is usually a nice property at a reduced price for the area.
If you have seen any advertisements or received any emails that you are unsure about please contact Madie Patel at  Student Services for advice on 01604 892434 or NOT TRANSFER ANY MONEY!!